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10/18/2020 5:36 PM


Nana here with the latest!  First, I'd like to thank everyone who has hung with us through the last couple of years.  They have been some of the worst for us. 

The few dogs that we have left in the rescue are all safe and still looking for their forever homes.  Nana's will not officially close until one of two things happen.  Either the dogs will be adopted into forever homes, or I won't be around to run the rescue, as nobody has stepped up to take over.  

At this time, the remaining dogs are in boarding.  I'm sorry but for reasons I can't discuss, we cannot disclose their location.  If you'd like to adopt one of our dogs, please email me at nanaspitstop@#ntin.net and I'll send you an adoption application.

The latest update on our legal issues is this.  Even though we've been gone from Cooke County for over a year, sold our property there, and never plan to return to Cooke County, the County Attorney's office is still pressing charges against me, personally.  They have finally agreed to give me a jury trial, which is my legal right anyway.  No idea at this time when the trial will be, but I will put a notice on our facebook page when we get that date confirmed.  So, if you're interested in watching a dog and pony show, where thousands of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on a "persecution" not a real prosecution, please come to the Cooke County JP court, Precinct #1 for my trial.  It would just thrill me to see the courtroom packed with supporters of animal rescue.  Check our FB page for updates.  

As far as the meat and potatos of Nana's, we're still kickin' and your donations are always appreciated.  We still have dogs to feed and vet.

December 2019
It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Nana's!  We are not shutting our doors until EVERY rescued dog in our charge has a  home or is placed with a reliable rescue of our choice.  Please like our page and follow our FB page for daily updates.  Below, in date order, you will find some explanations about the situation surrounding Nana's.

November 2019
Cheryl, President and founder here.   I have recently been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, stage 3 and am physically not able to continue to take care of the dogs in the rescue.  At this time, all of the rescue dogs are in boarding, at other rescues, or will be transported to other rescues in the very near future.  Not all dogs are listed on the website, as they have been officially turned over to other rescues.  They will be deleted from here once they are moved out.  We have not disclosed their locations due to safety concerns.  We still have people that would harm these dogs if they could, so we are being super cautious until all safeguards are in place.

I do not know at this time, whether Nana's will continue to operate or not.  I and the other directors have approached other people we feel would be acceptable to carry on with the mission and goals of Nana's, but we have not confirmed anything yet.  Running a rescue is NOT easy.  It's hard physically, mentally, and especially, emotionally.  It takes some very special, tough, caring, and giving people to keep a rescue up and running.  But, if you are reading this and you feel that you would be up to the task, please contact Cheryl at nanaspitstop@ntin.net.  Our board is open to suggestions.  I may not be here to carry this forward, but I would love to see Nana's mission, purpose, and goals carried forward.  There are and will always be dogs that need our help.

August 2019
We've MOVED.....  We have put our home, land, and buildings up for sale and moved to another county.  All dogs are safe and the ungodly stress that I and my family have been under is greatly relieved.  We can walk out our doors with the knowledge that we are NO LONGER being videoed, watched through binaoculars or night scopes, having our every move documented on paper, or having neighbors come close enough they can view us and what we are doing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Then having their (claimed) observations reported to the Cooke County government.  NO, THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION!!!!!!!   I have proof this was happening.  Law suit has been settled with NOTHING gained by the plaintiffs or their attorney.  NADT was conceeded.  Just more money paid to attorneys because I refuse to be bullied.  Cooke County is still REFUSING me a jury trial.  My current attorney is trying to work with them, but I WILL NOT plead guilty to something I'm not guilty of.  To be continued.

November, 2018 
All rescue dogs have been moved from our current location.  Due to threats of arson, recent physical vandalism to personal property, stalking and continual harrassment by neighbors, charges filed against Cheryl by Cooke County, and the threat of law suits by ignorant, Pit hating neighbors, ALL RESCUE dogs have been moved to other secure locations.  These dogs STILL need homes.



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