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10/18/2020 5:36 PM

Adoption fee for all dogs is $200.   For unaltered puppies we require a $100 deposit additional which will be credited to the veterinarian bill after the spay/neuter procedure is complete.

To obtain an Adoption Application please email us at nanaspitstop@ntin.net.

We require a completed Adoption Application be submitted prior to any meet & greets, unless we already have an adoption event scheduled for public viewing.  No exceptions as animals are NOT normally housed at a public facility.

We do background checks and reference checks on every adult living in the household of a potential adopter.  

We also require home checks prior to final approval of any adoption.  Our goal is to find the very best permanent home for each dog.  These dogs deserve to be in homes where they will receive love and care for the rest of their lives.

We realize that some people may get offended by what you're going to read below, but we've been forced to state this up-front of any adoption.  Not all people are looking to adopt with the best of intentions.  We strive to eliminate any misunderstandings, misinformation, or less than the very best adopters, prior to filling out the paperwork.  So, if this next part offends you, perhaps you don't need one of our dogs anyway. 

If for ANY reason we do not feel the adoption is a good fit, we may deny or rescind approval at any time during the adoption process, up to and including after delivery of the animal.  We retain the right to check on the animal at any time after the adoption (with reasonable notice) and may remove the animal from the premises if it is determined the animal is not being cared for in a manner we see fit, or the adopter is in violation of the signed adoption contract.

If you cannot afford to pay the adoption fee, daily care and feeding, monthly heartworm and parasite preventative, yearly vaccines, and veterinarian care as needed, do not bother applying.

Thank you for considering a rescued dog for adoption!